Clothing, Dress, Bridal Wear Dresses, Denim Jeans, Suit Alteration Services

We offer a full range of alteration services from simple button sewing and small repairs to much larger alterations such as re lining of jackets, coats and trousers etc...

We have full changing room facilities and can personaly 'pin up' all clothing  before alterations are carried out, to give you an idea of what you garment will look like once the alteration has been carried out.




Shorten legs of trousers or jeans

Shorten legs with tapes of trousers

Shorten legs Retro style of jeans

Shorten legs with turn-ups of trousers

Patch one side of crutch area of trousers or jeans

Shorten legs with turn-ups and tapes of trousers

Patch double sides of crutch area of trousers or jeans

Shorten legs with splits of trousers

Lengthen legs of trousers or jeans

Lengthen legs with tapes of trousers

New zips of trousers or jeans

Taper thighs of trousers or jeans

Taper thighs thro’ crutch of trousers or jeans

Taper from knee of trousers or jeans

Taper and shorten legs of trousers or jeans

Take in waist of trousers or jeans

Let out waist of trousers

Concealed zip replacement of trousers or jeans

Fully line trousers of trousers

Repair to side pocket of trousers or jeans

Half line trousers of trousers



Shorten sleeves of suit jacket

Lengthen sleeves of suit jacket

Shorten length of suit jacket

Take in side seams of suit jacket

Let out side seams of suit jacket

Chip shoulders of suit jacket


(Taper body on jackets, for more tailored fitted cut)

Please click on this link to see Michael in action on Channel 4 TV program This Old Thing

In which Michael slimmed down a very boxy ill fitting suit, to something a lot slimmer and much more modern look. Plus a nice pocket square to accompany it.



Shorten length of dress

Shorten lining of dress

Taper side seams of dress

 New zips in dresses

bridal wear alterations picture example

Flower girl dress alterations

Flower girl dress alterations




Shorten length of skirt

Shorten lining of skirt

Taper of skirt

Re-line of skirt

New zips in skirt (also invisible)



Taper side seams of bridal wear

Shorten length of bridal wear

Taper side seams with bones in side areas of bridal wear

(please note, the only bridal wear we dont alter, is the large 'princess' type wedding dress's due to space in our work rooms)


We are willing to undertake any other alterations and repair work upon discussion


Restyling Services

Revitalise those outfits which are no longer in fashion or don't fit comfortably anymore., maybe you have lost a lot of weight recently and have some clothing/suits which are too large. We can re style most garments to fit to your new size. Prices do vary so please visit and we can give an exact quotation.


Express Alteration Service

Our express service is famous in the city centre of Manchester, for our extremely quick and professional service. We realise people travel from all over the north west to come to us, so we will always fit you into our working day.

Some alterations such as shortening legs, re-hemming trousers, button repairs, zip repairs, seam repairs can be done within a 30 minute turnaround! Even larger alterations such as shortening jacket sleeves or tapering jacket side seams can be returned on the same day! (And Still No Extra Charge For This Superb Service)


Mail Order Alteration Service

We also offer a mail order alteration service if you cannot visit our Manchester shop. You need to send your garment with instructions on your required alteration. If you could send either by recorded delivery using Royal Mail or by a courier, we will then take payment using a credit/debit card over the phone or by you inclosing a cheque together with the garment. All we ask is that you ring or email and tell us what you are sending so we can work out an estimate of cost for the alteration or repair work



Bespoke Tailor Made Suits & Shirts, Hand Crafted To The Highest Standard.

Our main business  area is in  producing hand made bespoke suits and shirts. You can find our other web site based on the bespoke side of James Personal Tailor & Son at,

For fine hand made bespoke suits & shirts for ladies and gentlemen



James Personal Tailor & Son For All Your Alteration & Repair Work Needs, To All Clothing, Suits, Shirts, Dresses, Skirts, Trousers, Denim, Jeans, Jackets etc.. being located in Manchester city centre we are only a short distance away from local areas such as Wilmslow, Cheadle, Stockport, Salford, Bury, Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham, Wigan, Warrington, Worsley, and only 30 minutes away from Liverpool, Chester. 60 Minutes from Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, Cardiff. 3 hours from London, Edinburgh, Glasgow


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