Suit Repairs Jean denim repairs clothing invisible invisable repairs in manchester area

At James Personal Tailor & Son we offer a full range of clothing repair work for suits, shirts, jeans, pretty much any type of clothing can be repaired. We dont offer a fully invisible service.
But what we do offer is a cost effective method, which will be done between a mixture of hand sewing, fuse work, and possible machine stiching. This can vary from garment to garment, but in most cases we get the right balance for the repair work needed for the best possible outcome.

Example of fuse repair work below

invisible suit jacket repair worksmall hole to sleeve on elbow area

invisible suit jacket repair work not fair off invisible repair for only £14.95

Invisible menders will charge £80.00 upwards for this, which is generally not an economical option.


Crutch/seat area hole

Repaired to near invisible


Large rip in suit jacket sleeve

After, fully repaired to near invisible


Large rip to Calvin Klein trousers

After, fully repaired


Rear jacket seam rip

After, invisible repair


Large rip in denim jacket

Near invisible repair


Suit Trouser Invisible Repair Large Holes To Suit Trouser Crutch Area

Suit Trouser Invisable Repair Work Fully Repaired, Very Near Invisible Finish

Tweed Suit Trouser Fuse Button Repair Brace Button Has Come Off, Ripped Lining

Trouser Suit Waist Band Repair Work Fused Repaired Lining For Added Strength

Finished Near Invisible Suit Trouser Repair Work New Brace Button Added, Fully Repaired

Jean repair work example

True Religion jeans large knee rip

After, near invisible repair



Large hole to crutch


Repaired using new denim


Jean Repairs Manchester very large holes, in unwearable condition

Denim Jean Repair Restoration Work Repaired using new denim for £14.95

Fused and stiched to repair. This is an extreme example, but was the customers favourite Abercrombie and Fitch jeans. Customer was very happy to quote ' thank you for saving my favourite jeans, ive had them for 5 years and they fit me perfect, they just look even more retro now '

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